Essay Dissertation

So now the moment has come to decide what our written dissertation of third year before graduation will be about, plus whic dissertation lecturer we will be assigned to based upon what we want to talk about individually and their expertise.

For my essay I am interested in the area of technology and making, in the sense of how technology has changed the perception of art and makes things that seem impossible to make physically easy to do digitally. This was a major reason that artist designer maker appealed to me when choosing courses because of the broad range of materials. And with this quite broad background from my course would open opportunities.

So martyn my chosen lecturer for first and second year is the best lecturer to help me in this area which im really pleased about, and let’s face it he has put up with me for two years so a bit longer shouldn’t hurt to much.  However I will not know for definate who I am assigned to till February 8th


essay feedback

I must admit I struggled with the layout of my essay structuring even though martin my constellation tutor liked and pretty much told me to stick with the idea so I will take on board the advice given.

feedback 2016

feedback 2016 part 2

I was intending to use more than one material and was intending to discover how an object that is seen is viewed from touch when hidden from site. Realistically I want my dissertation to answer how art and artists respectively are perceived through their work and answer what makes us drawn to something over something else. Whether this is achievable time will tell.





Dismaland The world of Banksy

Dismaland a desolate abandoned pier by the sea in Weston Super Mare opening the world to the mind of the mysterious unknown Banksy. A perfectly dismal way to spend the days queuing for hours in the pouring rain, well all part of the Banksy experience I suppose. Having known of Banksy work since I started my Gcses to see his work up close means more than it ever could researching about it. I feel that you have to be their to truly appreciate the work rather than an image of the piece. Because a picture can mean a thousand words but being there you see, the reactions of other visitors, the size of the piece and the feel of the piece.



Overall the hectic queuing and staff that look like given a chance will take it, certainly gives you an understanding of how an artist that has changed the way we perceive our area of interest.through unconventional means.

Lets face it though Banksy seems to hit on the head a lot of what really angers the general population from war to politics, And does all this from behind the scenes like wearing a mask in clear view. The general feeling is that Banksy aims to provoke but brings to the table what art is apparently lacking a meaning a purpose a message as it were. These days artists create pieces and sell them for well above what should be asked. It seems we are more interested in the size of our pockets than the quality of work.we are selling granted we want to pay the bills and afford the luxuries but is this the way you could argue, do you do it for money, the fame or the meaning and your own voice of expressionism. Banksy seems to say all this and I hope my work can follow this path in my own way. Throughout the exhibit thinking back over the year of learning on maker as I mingled around the exhibits I picked out the ones that caught my eye and tried to contextualize the meaning behind them to gain a better understanding of not just how I think but how others make me think what I think.




There were many exhibits in Dismaland that I didn’t understand but could see meaning behind and this has given me a better insight into the life of being an Artist, Designer or Maker. and to see whether I have improved I took a few images of work and tried to find the hidden meaning behind them.

Constellation week one Thinking through drawing

Embodied Experiences in Art and Design

The first constellation topic for expressing the unseen aimed to make us start thinking about how our experiences as an artist designer or maker in any sense shape our interpretation and thinking of the process of drawing. as the first session I wasn’t entirely sure if I am honest like most of what has happened this year how I would do and how I would interpret but I was pleasantly surprised that what I was being shown and taught I was already to some extent already doing just hadn’t realised I was doing.

there were many key facts from the presentation that I took a way such as drawing v.s photo

Taking this example photo individually our mind-set would tell us one must be correct and it that case one must not. But looking deeper into the background of the first image I discovered that this is a woodcut piece of Castel Sant Angelo, Rome (1557). and the second image was taken at a much later and modern date. From this I discovered the woodcut piece was created by an artist that hadn’t actually visited or seen prior to the piece what the location actually looked like so the design is from description rather than reality.So logically which would be correct in sense both would be.

image 1 image 2

Visual Hegemony

I have never heard of visual hegemony or what it even means but from today I discovered it is a form of unconscious experience, where the eye observes an object before actually seeing I, much like interacting before physical interaction. so the hand and eye interprets different views of the object and find common data. And from this I learnt psychologically touch is the unconsciousness of vision that deciphers the sense qualities of the viewed experience.

Perimeter of experience

A diagram showing how our mind, our body and our world are different stage of our overall expressive human experience.

perimeter of experience

Interpreting the body with the mind

And finally the idea that as we go through life we can be aware of what we see but not be aware of what is happening, so seeing with our eyes is more than just seeing. in order to see something from the location of the person to the location of the object the body must manoeuvre itself to see the object such as the eyes moving causing the angle and he head to turn and as a reflex the rest of the body.

From this constellation lecture I now notice I think more about my visual and interaction experiences within my work than I did in the previous term and I hope with this mind-set in mind for the foreseeable future of the course I will be able to achieve a higher level of work and be able correct some previous problems and maybe identify some before they become to much of a problem.