Exhibition talk with Pip and Huw

Yesterday as the end of second year arrived I had a short meet and discuss tutorial regarding the content on display in the exhibition, from my understanding this was to highlight your year and what you want to continue into next year and what you have learnt about yourself next year.

I was nervous for obvious reasons and explained my disappointment with Make Your Mark and the light along with the studio books but this was due to the confidence with them and the results as they are seen in exhibition. During the talk we covered pretty much everything on display and this is the basic breakdown

For Faking It and Work Experience I explained how the projects had affected me and the confidence of in the future being a propmaker and how the projects gave me insight into what the workplace is like and what it is like to work in a team to create an outcome.

There wasnt much discussion regarding questions to the medal although from past contact the imagery may need more refinement or a better understanding on the blog. However Pip was pleased that the problems of the original mould were solved even with the misfortunes of some of the lettering.

For Delight In Light huw was the tutor who saw me most and was pleased that I had tried my best following advice to complete the lamp and although the piece didn’t come completely together for exhibit it is something to learn from, another point that was mentioned was the accuracy of the costings of the piece which I wasnt sure would be appropriate but is something I can include and remember when I make the project next year again for the competition.

Make Your Mark was positive despite the misfortunes of the pieces and the potential is there but needs to be added to which is understandable and is something I am going to do anyway over the summer term due to wishing to continue to do glass in third year for the end of year pieces.

Overall I am really pleased by how well the talk appeared to go and despite a few knocks visually and verbally for the projects I am hopeful that this will achieve a worthy grade and I will take this onboard ready to think about next year.





Faking It 500 words rewrite

Having taken the Work Experience option and undertaken a placement in a Props company  I was really looking forward to the Faking It project and whatever the results of the project would be. For Faking It We put ourselves into groups across our varying practices and picked a book by Roald Dahl to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birthday and from this book we have to create a set piece that represents the book and any other accompanying media of the book. Visiting the Wales millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay was a great opportunity to get behind the scenes of the set design world and performance market was an eye opener of where you can go and how you get there. Getting to grips with coming up with ideas, working out what we were going to make what our strengths and weaknesses are and what materials we were going to need and whether this will be achievable in the time limit of the project, budget and taking into account time to touch up any areas that we had fallen behind on during the process and dealings with things outside of the project. For my team I was with Shannon (Product Design), Will (Product Design) and Adele (Textiles) also an erasmus student. We came up with plenty of ideas but getting started and bringing the together as well as being able to meet up as a team all at the same time proved to be difficult and challenging as would any project that you have to undertake and concentrate on as well as your own personal things. Despite this I believe we worked really well together and although feedback is likely to highlight areas that will need work on we should be proud of what we have achieved and learn where to improve when in the workplace on even stricter deadlines and the problems that arise through those means. I really enjoyed and was thrilled that the project is a live brief meaning that the piece isn’t just going to be displayed in the university but in the Marriott Hotel on the other side of Cardiff, so working towards an ulterior location goal was an added pressure but also challenge to show our talents and something that will really boost CV material. Plus the added bonus of our set being chosen to star in the Millennium Centre  as part of a charity by the name of Touch Trust was a true honour and has made me more determined to want to work in this area and get my work displayed to a broader market of the general public not just an individual but as part of a team. I’ve really enjoyed and  I am really grateful to have gotten the two options for my field projects that I wanted and despite the setbacks have really contributed to my skills and understanding of the working market and the individual aspects of it and has given me a stepping stone to broader and greater opportunities whilst being a year from graduating.

Work Experience 500 words rewrite

Initially I was hesitant about picking the work experience option for field due to difficulties reaching companies to take me on and im glad I did as I was able to take my placement at Wild Creations a prop making and set company on the outskirts of Cardiff who made the Rugby ball  as an example outcome for the 2015 World Cup. Despite sustaining an injury to my hand and the placement ending sooner than expected it was still an enjoyable and beneficial experience. It was great to actually be inside a company as a student seeing what those who work there get up to on a daily basis and the scale of which the pieces they make come in and the levels of detail achieved. I enjoyed getting stuck into whatever I was able to get involved in to get the most out of the experience, plus I was able to find out so many inside techniques to get work in the industry such as refining your practice gaining experience in a range of materials, finding your unique selling point and how to build a career in this area of work and expertise. Like most companies in the Arts business freelancing is your best way forward as very few full time positions are available, however being freelance means you can travel around more and meet more fellow props makers and become more noticed as an individual by a multitude of companies some of which you may not of heard of so networking does occur. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how the pieces were made and the processes that go through making the finished object that you see before you much like the behind the scenes aspect of being a Maker when displaying my pieces in exhibition.  The similarities between the two was massively interwoven and made me feel more confident I could build a career as a freelance propmaker and a artist in my own right.  Being able to speak and socialise with individual in that working market was scary coming from a person that has anxiety and a nervous disposition on a regular basis but was something i will never forget and the broad backgrounds of the individuals working at Wild Creations made me more confident that the skills and determination to work and learn was looked upon more than the qualification you have although can help. Despite not being able to complete the placement I will be going back in the near future and I have begun contacting other companies locally to get experience and build up a portfolio started before graduating, I feel that the circumstances of the placement falling through were just as important as the placement as it showed me the realities of the industry and what you need to do to keep doing what you love to do which is the best kind of job to have really. I feel ive learnt so many skills that I can develop to begin working in this sector and apply to my practice on Maker as well.

The exhibition

By the end of the academic year for my own future reference I am aiming to have in the end of year exhibition :-

  • My updated BAMS medal displayed with the rest of Maker Level 5 medals on a separate aspect of the exhibit and my studio book with my display setup.


  • My completed prototype Lamp with the additional previous prototypes and design sheets with studiobook.


  • Work Experience photos as well as evidence on blog and anything else of relevance.


  • Faking IT a miniature version of my set in thin wood along with my studio book and display photos on location


  • Make Your Mark outcome along with studio book and accompanying items mentioned in the brief.

End of week breakdown

This week has seen quite a few things going on through practically all the projects in consideration to outcomes and the exhibit as follows

  • For Bams I need to do two more coats of molochite before burning out, bronze pouring and pettining the surface so far everything has gone to plan and I hope it will remain that way.
  • Make your mark may have a slight alteration in what will be presented in the exhibition at the moment only one of my moulds is done and will be ready to use early next week and the leaves are being bisque fired next week.
  • Faking it I am intending to collect the images I have of the set and professionally document them for the exhibit with a smaller model of the set on display with the other existing work
  • Work experience I will be doing the same, updating the PowerPoint I made for presenting in first time and contacts of potential future placement providers and how the processes of Maker will help me gain the skills in career possibilities such as Prop Making.
  • Delight in Light is waiting for materials to be delivered and in this time im experimenting with the materials available to show why the methods of making the piece have changed and evolved to meet the needs of the brief and safety requirements of a small child audience.

despite things taking turns every so often im confident i’ll have a large body of work in my books, blog and website by the deadline in the exhibit hopefully a few days before if im lucky.

Breakdown of projects

From Monday in order to keep on track with the workload every Monday and Friday I will post the progress of each project and what I need to do to achieve this by the following week and the deadline and at this stage this is the progress :-

  • Work Experience – For Work Experience I didn’t have a sketchbook but rather a powerpoint with all the images of props and other items on location. For the exhibition im hoping to have a mounted board on display showing these images and what I learnt on Placement and how these processes relate to those used on Maker and other companies I have contacted for placements and visits other the summer to build up contacts and experience prior to graduation.


  • Faking It – For Faking It I will be including a miniature version of the full scale set used in the exhibit along with images of the set on location whilst adding the figures used on the set onto stands for display.


  • Bams – For the medal project I hope to have two bronze medals of the redo mould I have done this term along with a wax cast to show the beginning and end process that will go alongside the medal used in the undergraduate exhibit in Craft in the Bay in April.


  • Delight in Light – For delight in light I will have the finished working prototype of the lamp as well as design sheets accompanying to show how the piece was made.


  • Make Your Mark – For Make Your Mark I will have the completed outcome or series of outcomes and experiments from the process as well as the evidence of advertisement for my work and how this will develop through third year and beyond.

Change of Plans

Given the shortening deadline and the problems that have been cropping up as they do with the projects and has made me rethink what I want to put in the exhibition for the end of second year Maker.

  • Faking It – For Faking it due to the size of the overall piece Pip has stated that a smaller scale copy of the piece would be more beneficial and along with these im redoing the characters and giving them their own individual stands in the exhibit which will help towards my modeling skills with Maker and Prop making for potential employment. after graduation.
  • Work Experience – For Work experience ive created a book that covers everything I did, saw and helped with whilst on placement as well as how I can while on Maker and with access to specialist equipment I can recreate these processes like a professional would  as well as evidence of contacting existing artists and prop related companies to help with my skills in props and quality control as well as the materials I use on Maker.

Delight in light and BAMS at this moment in time I am confident I can complete all of the goals I have set out to achieve and that were covered in the feedback sheets as areas of improvement.