Facebook Website

In order to start promoting and get an idea of how social media can help promote and advertise me and my work I created a Facebook Website much like some of my fellow Makers have which respectively allows me to see how well and far my posts are travelling on social media and what better place to start than Facebook that connects you to millions of people instantaneously. With this being a first attempt the look and feel of this page will alter and redesign over time as I gain more confidence and understanding of success through media but I like to think ive made the best start possible.    websiteabbies-image-for-instagram

And to promote ive attached the most recent works like the piece above to show the current stages of work at this moment in time.


Centre For Entrepreneurship (Beginning the idea)

As part of the Centre for Entrepreneurship scheme the aim is in time to be able to create a successful built model of the company/business that you wish to see made reality. Over many sessions we have been covering key areas that are necessary such as funding but also other areas such as how others can help your business where you can’t (speciality knowledge). Obviously Art is an area that does well but like a well-oiled machine it needs many working parts to stay strong and active as if one part goes then its collateral for the rest. My business idea is much like all my work and interactions in life really. That being massively over complicated with a much easier way of doing things hidden in plain sight, but where is the fun in that is. Speaking to Lauren the leader of the program I discussed that over time I’d like to expand what my business is about and as I build contacts hopefully they can help with the structure of this.

Starting at an easier point there was the workshop discussion. With their being so many art materials and practices there Is as a big a market for Craft and the hands on Craft as there is for the outcomes themselves so I came up with the idea of having a few workshops to show how those who would like to do this but have no idea how to do this can achieve this goal. From a Maker student perspective there are many workshops that require some form of machinery assistance which is obviously costly but are more secondary to the process than the idea behind how to make, As examples I came up with three areas that I would research into how I could make a profit and achieve goals that stay true to the meaning of the business thesis respectively these areas being:-

  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Pewter

Taking these areas forward I would begin to analyse just what exactly I could achieve now and what would take time and further investment to get, but at least this will produce a starting result.

Glass By Design (Graduate Opportunities)

Glass by Design is a small predominantly glass but mixed materials business in Penarth that opened last year run by Angelina Hall and Cathy O Doherty. After graduation I hope to be able to display my work within their shop which since opening has collected he works of some fellow maker graduates of the past two graduate years of the course. As well as the potential opportunity to exhibit work there is also an open house event every Thursday between 6-8 where for a £15 fee you can meet fellow glass artists and have access to glass kilns something that upon graduation I will not have access to without potential funding possibilities.

Made By Hand 2016/Subject Research Level 6

For the past two years since joining Maker ive visited and helped with setting up in any way I can with Sarah James and Made By Hand. Made by hand without doubt is no easy event to pull of but is a fantastic day visit if ever around Cardiff at the end of October. Made by Hand brings together artists from all across the Uk primarily 60% or so being from Wales alone. This year due to the importance of time and the ending of my degree on the horizon I didn’t volunteer but I’m hoping that given the way the Cardiff stall has changed I will be able to present my work in the Maker stall next october with Made By Hand. In order to link my work that at this moment in time is experimental ive looked through the separate parts of the stall criteria for Made By Hand and highlighted artists and companies that link to the ideas that I would like to bring out in my work for Formative submission in December and Summative in early May next year. These were the few I came across

Covering a few areas of interest mainly due to the possibilities of cross technique experiments  and such throughout my sketchbook and through the cabinet ive been trying to create experiments that highlight this and whether these in themselves focus on objects even though im not intending them to for the sake of the stage im at in the process.

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My Pitch

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This is my intended pitch presentation to my group for my ideas and hopes for the prototype deadline in December and the eventual deadline in May of next year which will pretty much be the end of my degree. Throughout my presentation I wanted to highlight some of the key parts so far such as the artists that have influenced me, past works, tests and artists that have produced work similar to my own and I hope to emulate in my own work throughout my final year. Below in order to in my mind make a cohesive presentation highlighting what each slide represented and how this was relevant and whose work was what image I bulleted pointed in notes and necessary details I needed to remember to give the best idea of the work.

  1. Introduction slide to pitch introducing the idea to the group with a focus on a more applied arts but physical function to the pieces I make intention.
  2. Artists of Influence :- Philippine Sowerby, Robert Coby, Andy Goldsworthy, J Paul Fennell,Gabriel Schama, Sidney Hutter.
  3. Prototype for the glassbox task.
  4. Maia Stern artist that uses glass as a jigsaw puzzle piece.
  5. Maia Stern artist work put together.
  6. Paul Lamond artist who makes functional and decorative jigsaw pieces.
  7. Sharon Richards ceramic sculpt artist and recent graduate of Cardiff metropolitan
  8. Experiments with surface of objects and 3D printing.
  9. Glass experiments with leaves and form.
  10. Exhibit pieces from last year.
  11. Leaves photographed.
  12. Pinecone studys and initial experimentation with shape.

Make Your Mark (Frit glass)

Now with a working idea of the piece I want to make I began researching glass material companies to see what is out there and the price range I would need to pay and way up if it is worth buying for what I need which fills parts of the criteria of the Make Your Mark brief. One of the companies that was recommended was Creative Glass UK

From there based on Martin’s advice I ordered a selection of Bullseye glass frit of around 100 grams at around 2.49 – 2.57 each not bad considering the costs of 450 grams of frit is around 8.99 to just under 10 each. Whilst im waiting to order the materials and have them delivered I will make the slip cast shapes of the bowls for the final vessel pieces and make sure the clay imprints are air-dried and placed in the kiln to be fired whenever this may be.


Discussion with Martyn (Make Your Mark)

After the discussion with Pip I discussed with Martyn my ideas for the outcome results and expectations of the Make Your Mark Project. For my individual practice I try to emphasise a meaning within the materials I use and the look of the objects in that respect. The use of nature like objects and materials such as leaves, pine cones shells as examples has been something I have loved using in my outcomes dating back to GCSE.

My ideal outcome which is something im looking to develop further in 3rd year and beyond is useable functional objects such as bowls and vase like objects. I wish to show that i take these objects from their natural place or origin that is their natural surroundings and place them in my objects that reflect natural looks within the home environment bringing ourselves and nature closer together.

I have ordered a selection of glass frits which is glass that has smashed into small pieces to create the effect and colour of leaves that in my final exhibition I can put along side of my finished outcome. Also im hoping by my next tutorial to have a 3D printed aspect of my designs to show and any testers that are finished in time, to see if the standard that is hoped for is being achieved ready for exhibit at the end of year and use in the rest of the areas I need to cover in Make Your Mark.