Collect Saatchi Gallery

Next Month myself and the rest of Maker Level 6 are visiting the collect Saatchi exhibit in London. This event to my understanding Is a great platform for newly established Makers, Designers and Artists alike which are selected by a judging panel. This trip is also to ensure that if there are any galleries in which individually you would like to attend then now is the best time. With New Designers as a possible opportunity before finishing my degree but not technically a registered graduate it will be great to see the standard and type of work that is selected for these types of events and high reputation.


Lights (Subject Level 6)



Through my tutorials since the beginning of third year there has been not just in my fellow makers but also tutors eyes of a broad range of outcome potentials, most noticeably in Lights.

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Through companies like Craft in the Bay I believe this influence has become more realised. Honestly having had a rough time with the Delight In Light project last year the idea of making lights was off putting. However the potential scope and uniqueness of the pieces I’ve made so far that could change my mind on that way of thinking. Also with my overall focus being on objects that are decorative and functional or a mixture of the two this is a perfect opportunity to show what I can do.

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These were a few early experiments playing with the ideas of shape and also light and the way material works with light. Having completed a few good quality test pieces before Christmas I’m now looking to book the university’s photography space to test out light and the pieces reaction to it. Also to link in my artists research ill be attempting to create forms out of actual leaves if this is possible much like Kay Sekimachi work below


I’m looking forward to this way of working and hope to be able to draw together new ways of making and techniques on top of the knowledge I already have at this point in time.




Field level 6 (New Brief)

Having completed the first term of Level 6, the second term now leads to the field module. Unlike previous modules their Is more a series of goals to achieve than a list of objectives to my understanding. With this being my final year and essentially brief for Artist Designer Maker the focus is more on what it is I want to make and specialise in now and after graduation.

Having had to postpone my Formative assessment for Subject (Level 6) for personal reasons much like dissertation the ideas of what I want to do have been in my mind a lot more than usual but at this point I am focusing on completing any outstanding work in sketchbooks and my blog as well as extra criteria to bring into both my subject mark and Field mark to help me push more into a higher grade of work as since starting Maker I’ve been sitting on the fence of both a 2.2 and 2.1 benchmark with not much of a difference in marks although at this point I don’t actually know yet what my feedback will say but can roughly guess.

Plan moving Forward

Due to circumstances out of my control I had to postpone formative till the new year which means that although in a sense I have more time in fact I have got less in another but based on feedback from tutors as will as fellow maker friends I seem to be going okay, I do not believe them but yeah that is nothing out of the unusual. Before Christmas I was told and advised if I intend to create a collection of objects such as bowls, vases plates and such in order to have something of standard I need to concentrate on one type of object and have an outcome complete rather than three different types of object but nothing complete which I have achieved with the bowls respectively.

Next term when formative will occur I hope to be able to show a more focused and visual plan of what I want to achieve for the remainder of the course and how my tutors can help me with what I want to achieve as with the materials I work with the result and expectation go against each other but produce results that are unique in their own. I’ve managed to produce a few test and one finalised piece as seen below which is my artefact for presentation for next term and intend to work on this and add my further ideas to be able to advance further in preparation for the final deadline in May and the potential of being picked for display at New Designers, and other events and possibilities beyond.

Facebook Website

In order to start promoting and get an idea of how social media can help promote and advertise me and my work I created a Facebook Website much like some of my fellow Makers have which respectively allows me to see how well and far my posts are travelling on social media and what better place to start than Facebook that connects you to millions of people instantaneously. With this being a first attempt the look and feel of this page will alter and redesign over time as I gain more confidence and understanding of success through media but I like to think ive made the best start possible.    websiteabbies-image-for-instagram

And to promote ive attached the most recent works like the piece above to show the current stages of work at this moment in time.

Glass By Design (Graduate Opportunities)

Glass by Design is a small predominantly glass but mixed materials business in Penarth that opened last year run by Angelina Hall and Cathy O Doherty. After graduation I hope to be able to display my work within their shop which since opening has collected he works of some fellow maker graduates of the past two graduate years of the course. As well as the potential opportunity to exhibit work there is also an open house event every Thursday between 6-8 where for a £15 fee you can meet fellow glass artists and have access to glass kilns something that upon graduation I will not have access to without potential funding possibilities.

Reminder of project goals for deadline

Now with just over a week to go and wanting to make sure I dont overlook or forget anything important I revisited the brief for my Maker project to highlight in each area separately what I have done and what I need to do within this time.  And throughout the week produce and document the evidence of this in the most suitable way to demonstrate as well as my blog. These are the areas that I need to meet for this part of the deadline and in bold how I am doing with each area:-

  • An exhibition standard Artifact – Almost complete needing to add final details and extra parts.
  • Design sheets, SketchbooksRequires a bit of reorganising and final checks as well as blogging any missing areas. 
  • Subject module Blog, with clear contextual referencingNeed to check with tutor whether this has been correctly been done but everything on track.
  • Evaluative statement on project (250-350 word count)Will do once the content of all other areas has been fulfilled in order for the best accuracy to be achieved.
  • Statement of intent with timeline (250 words) – Need to check as I dont understand what is desired evidence wise.
  • Documented evidence of research into professional and graduate opportunities – Completed just need to document on blog.