Martyns Seminar


Today marks the end of the seminars with Martyn. Throughout the lectures there have been many areas of focus for us to take away from such as the symbolism of imagery and how an Artist and a Designer differ and are similar in their processes of making.

Makers are more likely to make pieces that are intended to sell in craft, store or events involving Craft or Design locally or more further afield. Whereas designer in the sense of product design make pieces that they think through every possible hazard that can come from this product and would be employed in this respect or brought in for particular material knowledge which varies from persons to persons skill set much like Makers in the same way.

For todays final task as groups we ventured off into three different locations with all groups ending up going to the same place in the end to collect materials to make a piece for display purposes using the electrical components and faceplate of a small bedside clock.

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From these locations and purely on location we had to collect objects that would be of value to us on making a piece that would fit the aesthetic and function of a clock hanging or balanced but stable upon it. and here re the results for my group.

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Taking items from location we then from Sarah’s perspective went with the idea of the clock being attached to an almost wearable if slightly massively oversized necklace piece based on objects found in a cemetery and the local cathedral nature habitats nice to know death is literally hanging around your neck with this piece. Even though I didn’t get as involved in the making of the piece I really enjoyed the complete go for it and see what happens result which is pretty much how most of my professional class pieces that come out of maker fall into sadly. Taking from this for the December deadline I’m playing around with the idea of making pieces that have a creative context in the sense that they can be one solid object but have the ability to be 3 smaller separate objects maintaining the same function for some pieces. But at the same time I want to make pieces that fit for function and have a purpose but also some that are for display purposes only to give me a dynamic and selection of ideas to work with as the deadline draws closer and closer.


Dissertation Feedback

Towards the end of October I submitted my dissertation draft for assessment to my tutor Martyn to see how good or bad things are going and the level in regards to a grade average I am at now and can achieve when submitted finally in January. Overall I was quite worried as to what the quality would be like for the piece as there was a lot of panic and worry on my part to understand how to describe and demonstrate my understanding in practice of my idea of What is the phenomenology of glass?

I was happy to discover that things are much better than I thought and there aren’t really any major concerns more simple mistakes that happen to everyone and most likely have in some shape or form in their own dissertations. Discussing with Martyn he was pleased with what was handed in and understood why what was submitted was submitted the way it was. Some areas that I brought up and afterwards to Ingrid during a Maker tutorial were the word count limit and trying to keep to the limits of every chapter given. Also with making an artefact there is another worry about how the dissertation can verbally link and correspond to an artefact which is something that I will be marked on.

Speaking to Martyn to make up for the word count and help the flow of the dissertation Martyn suggested starting each separate part of the dissertation structure with a what why and how approach. In context this means

  • Why – Why am I saying this
  • What – What is going to be said in this chapter
  • How – How this will help the dissertations narrative

This approach will help with the word count and flow in practice of the dissertation. Another area was the conversation style were sometimes it is in first person but it needs to be in third person when in an academic context like this. When addressing an individual I need to use there surname rather than their full title and remember to include the details of quotes after the quote within the dissertation paragraph itself has been used.



Dissertation Hand – In

On Tuesday myself and my fellow makers and Cardiff Met School of Art and Design students will be handing in our drafts of our dissertations for formative assessment before the final deadline on January 24th. So far ive had difficulty starting and continuing the flow of the essay but I appear to have found my common ground and will present this idea to my tutor Martyn on the day and see whether this is doable or not and make any alterations and extra content ready for the deadline next year.

Simple vs pattern

One concept that has come up throughout my work since the beginning of Maker and during my work for the final year is this battle between the simple and pattern. Many of my friends balance the boat on this category with the idea less is more and why complicate a design with pattern when the beauty of the natural material shines through.

As much as I love pattern I understand the desires of both cases and this is something im interested in exploring and even approaching artists about. I believe that as a maker there is a great deal of interpretation and face value to what we individually make but the idea of what the viewer sees in comparison to what you see and what you want them to see and think remains a blurred vision. For my work throughout the year im aiming to challenge this idea by making simplified and more complexed pieces and ask individuals their interpretation of them when viewed and their interpretation when I present them in some shape or form what my pieces mean to me.

Also this seems to be flowing into the idea that my dissertation is about. For my dissertation I have been looking into the idea of phenomenology and the broad relationship we have to objects which is of interest to me as ive always wondered why my work is viewed in one way when I see it in another, And if there is a reason for this more in the sense of the experience of the object and its presentation on Maker. I believe that this is something that will benefit me on Maker and also in future experiences as making work that the general public can see and interact with is something id like to potentially do in the future.

Dissertation Planning

With the Formative hand in after the coming week things are getting more and more real in an exciting and terrifying way. My dissertation topic point has been and is still causing me problems but I believe I have found a way to channel a problem to create an idea and a practical outcome that I can collaborate with my exhibit work on Maker. The basis of my dissertation is on the philosophy of Phenomenology and the material of glass using the practical philosophies and opinions of Edmund Husserl and Maurice Merleau Ponty which will be able to give myself a better understanding of my relationship with the objects I make, what they mean and the psychological meaning they have on me and the message I would like these pieces to have on the audience and any potential buyers of my work. My tutorials of recent have highlighted that I am expected to have the minimum of 4,500 words with the remaining 1,500 covered after the deadline due to this being focused on the artefact that will accompany that will be focus of the 4,500 words and 1,500 word combined, but until this has been proofread and annotated remains static until feedback on the dissertation so far has occurred.

For my artefact/object im looking to create a piece that embodies both sides of my way of thinking when presented with a topic and allows adaption to achieve a goal whilst challenging to complete that goal. this as I can imagine reading it is difficult but will prove rewarding in more ways than one for future endeavours.


With Third year starting in September and Dissertation hand in deadline in February/March there is a time to get things done for the dissertation and the time is now. Through the options that were available for the dissertation being

  • 8,000 to 10,000 word
  • 6,000 word and a physical object
  • Written dissertation and accompanying presentation
  • Written Dissertation and business Plan

Based on the ideas that were put forwarded and approved by Martyn The option picked was the 6,000 word document and a physical object. The idea behind the dissertation was the idea of Phenomenology and Glass and how the two one being an idea and theoretical theory and the other being a material link together along with what I have learnt in constellation over the past two years. Admittedly the connection between the two to me is there but finding it and bringing it together aren’t fully realised in my head yet so things will have to play out until they come together or that starting point is found. Despite this I have started the dissertation opening part and am hoping to have at least half of the essay done by the end of the month and the start of August just to give myself targets and stay on track with the other things I need to do.

Dissertation Prep Meeting

Last week whilst working on my medal my friend received an email regarding the constellation dissertation prep form. last month in preparation for February of next year I will be handing in my dissertation final piece and keeping fingers crossed that it’s as good as I know I can Achieve. I’ve decided to focus on phenomenology and glass and how compared to other materials and theories of making there is uncertainty to the material.

Even typing this ive not entirely figured out the end all result of this essay or what the outcome/artefact that will go along with it will be like but I have a few means of getting to this stage that I will bring up when the time comes.

Despite this im hopeful that despite a few problems that will occur there is enough to pass the 40% mark needed and enough to progress to discussing with Martyn how to structure the essay. I’m more confident to be doing the 6,000 word essay and artefact than the full 8,000 – 10,000 word piece as I feel that the Making/Writing option better suits as last year showed that my making abilities fell behind my writing abilities and I have a feeling this year will be the opposite.

Due to being unable to access certain books and speaking to certain individuals around the uni I was unable to put everything in and the confidence will be obviously shown lacking in the form but I will be adding in the bits that I now have to the discussion that will hopefully neutralise these concerns should they come up.