With Third year starting in September and Dissertation hand in deadline in February/March there is a time to get things done for the dissertation and the time is now. Through the options that were available for the dissertation being

  • 8,000 to 10,000 word
  • 6,000 word and a physical object
  • Written dissertation and accompanying presentation
  • Written Dissertation and business Plan

Based on the ideas that were put forwarded and approved by Martyn The option picked was the 6,000 word document and a physical object. The idea behind the dissertation was the idea of Phenomenology and Glass and how the two one being an idea and theoretical theory and the other being a material link together along with what I have learnt in constellation over the past two years. Admittedly the connection between the two to me is there but finding it and bringing it together aren’t fully realised in my head yet so things will have to play out until they come together or that starting point is found. Despite this I have started the dissertation opening part and am hoping to have at least half of the essay done by the end of the month and the start of August just to give myself targets and stay on track with the other things I need to do.


The Medal Expectation review project

The original medal didn’t come out as good as I had hoped and unfortunately wasn’t able to be put forward for the BAMS competition of 2016 but the roughly quality wise version made it in to Craft in the Bay and was one of the few that were selected to go on the official page for the website as shown.

medal on the bay website

this was a surprise, I have now decided which may come back to haunt me timewise to redo the medal and create three outcomes of the medal one showing each side on a display and a third made in wax. My accompanying book is being finalised and needs the last finishing touches when the second medal casting process is complete.

Dissertation planning progress

Having spoken to Martyn before the end of term 2 on Maker I discussed with him the ideas in relation to Dissertation, like the two previous essays I feel that to really focus myself on the dissertation and get the best results marks wise at the end introducing a heavy element of practical experimentation which on Maker is encouraged as much as is possible,And this is something that will reflect in the dissertation itself hopefully. The question in my head that seems to be coming through is

  • How glass is transparent material and difficult to manipulate and why their is a reliance on the technological side over the making side

Admittedly this is quite a lot of things rolled into one sentence but I wish to answer why this is a material you cannot really adapt to technology and is more reliant on the making process, Based on the building knowledge of materials and techniques I have learnt and am still learning on Maker, Glass is a material that in regards to technology is saying good luck with that mate see how you get on. Whereas with 3D printing you can create practically any form of pattern or design providing size can be a limitation on a computer to your requirements but realistically technology has control in the end and can decide whether things will go right or wrong.

I have began researching some theorists from within the practice of study for Constellation with Martyn and from outside as well as recommendations from other sources. Also I have looked at articles and other medias that I can link in as well as existing dissertations however from the advice of friends who have been through the degree dissertation path and are now in further education or a job moving into a artistic career path dissertations are good but are tailored more for the one who published it but can help you see the visual layout of a professional document.

Hopefully even by the looks of it not everything will be on the hand in i can validate why this is and add to things as i go along ready for writing up coming may june time and over the summer holidays


Notes from meeting

Today with a group of fellow makers we discussed as a group with Jon our ideas for the projects that we are seeing through to completion and the progress with them. breaking it down into individual projects I summarised that :-

  • Bams medal was now in Craft in the Bay but I am hoping to redo a second pour next term and have at least two cast medals in exhibition, I have spoken to Pip my head of year and Dallas that runs foundry and they are both happy in redoing the process providing it is organised in advance to ensure their is enough material left for anyone else who needs it.


  • The Light project at this moment in time I am looking to make the final piece but I am not sure whether I want to go forward and enter the piece for the competition aspect mainly for confidence but more workload and deadline balance. How this will work for marking I am not sure and will have to clarify more next tem but I am hopeful this will be okay.


  • Work Experience was great despite circumstances not going my way, having experience in industry was really beneficial and I hope in the end of year exhibition to show these areas of development as a continuing portfolio of work and have outcomes that highlight what I learnt from the placement.


  • Faking it was really positive and the set is getting its value time wise and so far is set up for in three different display areas one of which will be down in the bay so there will be two pieces of my work in exhibition in the Bay in April wahoo.


  • Make your mark ideas are minimal at the moment but I am looking to get in contact with artists to discuss ideas and such and bring this back to portfolio work, whether this will work or not I am not sure but its in its early days so fingers crossed things wont go to wrong along the way.

Tutorial with pip

This is the first of a weekly tutorial race, as we are now approaching the final months of second year and the realities and implications of third year become more present these 20 or so minute sessions will help focus what will be in the end of year presentation and what will be in the end of year exhibition.

My tutorial with Pip mainly discussed my plans for projects and the future going into third year and beyond. I discussed the process of the BAMS medal and the hope that there will be a good quality piece in the exhibition in Craft in the Bay. Pip was pleased with the progress in this area, but was concerned about the progress with the lamp project. At the group discussion for our projects last year I like most of my fellow makers was underdeveloped on the project and had put more concentration on the medal cos of the tighter deadline and the amount of things that had to be done by that point. By the next tutorial i need to bring all existing research and sketches of the proposed lamp and any marquette’s that have been done. This is the stage where it is decided whether it will be entered to the competition or remain within the marking system of the university and Maker. I also mentioned to Pip that I had chosen to undertake the Make your Mark brief, and i had started to look into areas that I had interest in prior to graduation but naturally due to the fact that the project had recently been presented to us I have focused on what I have been doing on other projects first.

Pip as an endnote did warn of the possibility at this stage of one project having to become a priority over another. My aim is to have a functioning light regardless, well I have to anyway that has the potential for the competition and a outcome that supports the career path I wish to take





Faking It Field review

Despite a bit of a unbalanced start i really enjoyed the faking it project. It was a great opportunity to mix with fellow students from different courses art related in the university, which was of great value to be able to bring different experiences and understanding of materials and techniques from different disciplines. I really enjoyed taking part in the research, development and creation of the final piece, but i do feel that i didn’t do as much as everyone else, which might be brought up in feedback but I was involved in the model templates and digital aspects of the project and did the characters so my involvement is just as much but in different departments so to speak.

This project was extremely valuable experience of working in industry which with the work experience placement really bonded well with each other, admittedly i tried to get involved and give a balanced view of everyone’s ideas but if someone is more knowledgable than yourself your not really going to argue with them really, but i found we got on really well and despite having to alter things along the way the process was really enjoyable and we should be really happy with what we have done, plus this is a great start for portfolio work as a lot of our group in general is interested in working in this sector of the arts.

From this project I can take away from this the fact that I have improved on my communication and teamworking skills and managed to work on my hand building skills as well as digital skills which is something that I haven’t really been able to do on my own projects on Maker but I intend to incorporate as much as I can before graduation. Also being able to talk and be taught by individuals that specialize in specific areas of the industry and gain advice on how to approach those already working in the industry for experience and how you can start of and work your way up the industry ladder so to speak was really valuable. Also having done a placement in a props company being able to see what the industry is like not just as a job but on you day to day lifestyle was really different to what I was expecting, not that I would complain about it but I would say that experience like that makes you decide what your specialist pathways can be because although you want to find a job or series of jobs that pay the bills and dont feel like work because its what you enjoy doing you still have to be open to different areas of the market as in the arts industry you need to have both the yin and yang or you wont get really far.

From this point I hope to work on my skills and contact more companies looking for experience and see where it takes me and where I want to go.


Second week Breakdown

Much like last week finding the balance of juggling all the projects is not easy and things aren’t exactly running as smoothly as hoped here’s the low down :-

  • Bams – the silicone moulds are finishing off and the wax casts will be put together hopefully by the end of this week – the wax tree hopefully will be in the same boat as it were. im aiming to start the dipping process next week and be done by next week as well – as for burning out the wax and the bronzing process im guessing will be the week after that, meaning over the deadline for BAMS which is a shame but couldn’t be avoided circumstance wise – but the medal will be on display in craft in the bay in march so it’ll still be shown in an exhibition like way.
  • Lamp – Maquettes have been made in several materials – I need to speak to pip to ensure the details of the lamp before posting online – material experiments are going well and both project sketchbooks are being kept relatively up to date – The aim is to have the lamp nearing completion by the end of february giving enough time to focus on everything else that will affect the outcome quality wise.
  • Constellation/Essay – I’ve spoken to my tutor about my ideas and all previous essays and based on what i am hoping to look into I will be sticking with Martyn as my constellation essay advisor, however this will not be confirmed until the 8th February.
  • Faking It – Initial ideas have been discussed with the other members of my team, given the circumstances we are trying to do as much as we can experimentally so constructive feedback will give us the best overall hope of a good quality outcome.
  • Work Experience – Despite circumstances the feedback was quite good and I hope to undertake further placements and build up a portfolio of work to present in the end of year show as well as some possible 3d outcomes.