Work Experience Project Review

Despite not having the best of luck I really enjoyed my placement at Wild Creations and will hopefully be able to go back in the foreseeable future. I learnt many things while on placement such as when a heat gun drops dont try to grab it or you’ll regret it and you’re buggered due to the damage that can do to you. How you can make something cheaply but to a high quality look standard and how a team produces an outcome together using their individual skills.

For my exhibition like every project im including a book of ideas and sketches and such for objects id like to create through the maer processes for after graduation and would like to possibly make a model of one of the props from Jurassic world on a smaller scale to show the process of making these items. These are some of the outcomes on my visit that Wild Creations has made and has made plenty more since.

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Touch Trust

Touch Trust is a charity centred in the heart of Cardiff Bay that helps and supports the families and the individuals that suffer with learning disabilities and other such conditions that make it difficult to interact with others, but thanks to Touch Trust this is no longer the case.

The Trust gets individuals involved through meditation and interaction with musical instruments and helps them to interact in such ways in relation to a play and with it being the 100th celebrations of Roald Dahl James and the Giant Peach set from Faking It was used in the set up space. Touch Trust runs three performance events every year throughout the year which brings together those that suffer the most with disabilities and cannot get involved with activities that myself for example can do on a daily basis and helps them feel loved and involved as sadly society in general doesn’t take kindly to those that are significantly physically and mentally different but the charity is working and is proving to change that way of thinking. I really loved the performance and it was well worth the weeks it took to make the set for the marriott and transport down to the bay for this event. I hope to visit the charity and help out with their events in the future which will help me with confidence about the quality of my work and the public viewing it.


Peach in the Millennium Centre

From the 30th of March to the 1st of April myself, Will, Shannen and Adele’s set for James and the Giant Peach was exhibited in the Wales Millennium Centre. The set was part of the display for a charity by the name of Touch Trust for their performance via musical interaction of the film James and the Giant peach.

The performance was amazing and it was really inspiring what the charity does for those who suffer with disabilities and help the families who care for these individuals and to help them with that was really worth the time. Also they have said if I can help out in future performances that would be greatly appreciated and can help me work on my prop and set skills and start of the career ladder journey. Look forward to seeing what can come of this

Fimo Characters

With the exhibition finished at the Marriott I am pleased to have finally finished the work relating to the project. The fact that they remained in tact hopefully through the night has been a big relief to me, I admit that I really would need a lot longer to get a amazing look for them but time is never your friend and a general view of them was positive and hopefully those that attended the event felt the same. I hope to be able to work on my sculpting and modelling skills after the end of this academic year and build up a website showing the skills i have developed and I am still developing ready for graduation and competition on the market game on basically.

I’m not really sure what i want to do in the future, I have ideas of what id like to do but its a case of finding the best ways to do these things that is the long term problem but who knows what the future will bring just as long as i work hard for it that’s all I can do. I do want to work in the props market in the future and i hope that this is a good start as well as experience in actual companies to get yourself on the early steps of the career ladder. but im really enjoying what im doing and any possible opportunities that can come from it

Feedback from Faking IT

faking it feedbck 1

I am really happy with the feedback from Bethan regarding the Faking IT project, makes you want to do it again he says trying not to laugh like a maniac. It was really surprising to me that the project was solely in the good as I think everyone in the group would honestly say they have no idea how it would have worked out. I’ve really enjoyed working in the group and I hope the feeling is mutual, The feedback sheet despite highlighting areas was really positive and in fact the Charity group AGE CYMRU were requesting additional details in preparation for the event in March.

faking it part 2 of 2

The areas that myself and Adele must address now as the entire Product Design group will be away for several weeks as of Monday, and the other two members of the group Will and Shannen are both Product Design it means its all on us to do our best but really we shouldn’t be worried. Roughly we have to

  • Manipulate the lighting on the piece as it was seen as not strong enough to the rest of the piece
  • The lighting behind the back piece needs o be adjusted as this will be irritant to the eye line when sitting down at the event
  • The characters don’t work in black so colour like they appear in the film would be more suitable
  • More Experimentation work is needed in sketchbooks for what we all individually did
  • The size of the piece maybe a concern on the night and a stork would need to be added to the top of the peach and made more solid as a shape
  • And more work in general but it is a high quality and has achieved the requirements Well done all.

figure woes

With the deadline for faking it now over i do regret that the figures are not to the best standard i know i can achieve. The models were made with a wire armature model with plaster and paper applied to create the thickness. As these models would be displayed towards the top of the model the material had to be something that wouldnt break as there is an unavoidable risk that they may fall of during the event so a simplere material of paper was used but has reduced the quality. I feel that on the model i helped with what i could but did what i was sure about and left everyone in the group to do what they were confident in. when the feedback comes back im pretty certain i can guess what will be said and i will redo the figures in a more sturdier and higher quality piece. once this is achieved i will make them in a plaster cast and fill the inside with a weighted material and discuss with my group what the best way is to attach these models to the piece as the piece disassembles due to its size and can cause damage to the quality of the piece.

Setting up under the stairs (Faking it)

At this point the four of us pulled together what we had done at the time ready to mock setup to work out how things were going to go

Adele – brought the peach and the floor panel with imagery attached

Will – brought the parts of the building that were completed and sanded

Shannen – brought the frame of the backdrop and the lightbox

My contribution was the characters for the set but due to complications they weren’t dry in time but I helped out when I could but was mainly responsible for the model in digital aspect part of the project and making sure the construction overall wasn’t going to come into problems when setting up at the event. At this point ive pretty much panicked that the characters are not the best quality but at least they were done for deadline and once they’ve been assessed they can be redone. My only concern is that there isn’t much physical making on my part but I decided that the physical build needed a sturdy template to be molded to but time constraints made this difficult so a lesser quality or nothing were my options, but im happy to argue my case for these decisions if the feedback highlights this.

All I will say is that the quality was better and I was more confident and is merely a digital way of using skills by hand so it may not seem as much work as everyone else but it is just has to be viewed in another way.