Make Your Mark Subject Retrieval Level 5 Context

For the Resubmission of the Make Your Mark project I have focused on the idea of using leaves that was the original object used in the first series of bowls.


As Pip stated there was strong evidence that the quality of the frit on the surface and the idea of using individual different sized leaves was a bed and unfortunately collateral decision although I am still unsure as to how the bubbles came about to be honest. For the Resubmission I have taken leaves from around my local surrounding much like the artist Andy Goldsworthy and arrange them into a suitable shape as shown in the images below, my intention would be to take one of the photos of the coloured leaves below and on illustrator which I do not have access to would create the individual parts of the leaf and replicate the piece in order to create a full circle like below from this either using CNC  or a mould make in clay most likely a combination of the two i would create a sheet of one leaf like seen flat with the individual colours as accurate to the shape and the leaf as possible would come from sheets of coloured glass rather than frit which based on the original pieces wasnt the most professional look. And to create the individual pieces of the leaf colour wise I would hot melt the parts which is a process that involves melting sheet glass through a pot such as seen below that creates a puddle and solid piece to  a certain size or shape of the artist’s choosing below in the mould which is how I would create the piece which will take more firings and space but will be a more successful outlook than the first attempt. And then these would be fired together once cut and cleaned to create shape of the piece and the slump will be fused together like the piece also below.

pot meltslump glass


This would then be molded to the shape of a plaster mould made from ceramic slip raised of the bed of the kiln to avoid kiln powder getting into the piece. Much like the delight In Light Piece the cost of making one piec would have to be calculated accurately and weighed up from the amount of material used based on the cost from the website I bought my original glass from which was The Creative Glass part 3

In regards to the objects of using the leafs in the piece i use leaves due to the variety of shape, colour available all around and this mix with the reasonable flexibility of glass is a interesting process to produce. For potentially selling this or displaying my works in local galleries and shops I would apply to be a member of the Craft In The Bay upon graduation following the guidelines and policies as a possible place of Exhibiting my work and being around a larger maker community already on the market.

craft in the bay

As well as this possibility due to the nature theme within the pieces prior to the product a chain of garden centres known as wyevale garden centre and interior decorations and has a slowly building glass collection which is another possible opportunity to venture upon graduation.

garden centre

And even more local than Wyevale which is on my local bu journey route to Cardiff where the store is situated there is a new store known as crafted.


The aim of Crafted is to promote local artists from the area through displaying their work and having visited prior to resub there is quite a building collection of Cardiff Met graduates work which is a good feeling to know that this is a possibility.

Naturally there is individual terms and conditions for each company and organization and restrictions on displaying the same work in more than one place could be a problem but until third year I wont be able to approach companies with my work until after graduation. But is something I am looking into investigating prior to starting Third Year



Subject Retrieval Work Level 5 Delight in light Resub outcome

For the Delight in Light project I have done my best to address the problems highlighted in the original design and find means to meet the health and safety standards as well as providing a successful outcome that should have been the original. These are the results of this update :-

magnet 19th august

On the original model the pieces couldnt link together and when they did the angles cut to the sides did not line up completely correctly so I made a chassis to the shape of the now six sided piece and using the magnets from the  original as shown I have now made it so that the magnets connect the piece together removing the problem of the sharp sides and the problem with the angles of the piece and removes the need of glue to be used reducing one of the expenses.

open top 19th august


As shown on rhino how the pieces would connect to the lamp and to remove the possible problem of any child pulling them a bumper will be placed on the bottom of the piece  which will hold additional strength to the magnets.

t 19th august

One problem that Pip highlighted with the Lamp that I have corrected is placing a part to the base that can be attached to the surface by two magnets and a weight to avoid the possibility of the lamp being moved easily. Also in order to replace the Led bulb in a slumped down top of the panels allow access to the  bulb from underneath that can be unclipped and the panels being detachable through an inner lip in the base of the model which will be thicker in the material of 3mm width so easy access and replacement of parts is highlighted and with the light being brought down further into the base and with slats in between the pieces rather than a solid sheet of material this will help the light source be more effective and will reduce the risk of heat build up from the lamp which depends on the power of the bulb in question.

sea 19th august

The slats on top are a connected set of six slots with extra slots connected to allow the layer above to be connected to which allows the light source enough to avoid the risk of damage to the bulb and the material. This is also another means of making it easier to replace the bulb if each section as a part is detachable from the rest but this is to the discretion of the buyer at the time if the bulb needs to be replaced as both options are suitable and safe to use.

lamp completed 19th august

This is the finalised model redesigned from the original idea with the pencil idea re modified but without the pencils and such attached to the shape but rather to separate parts that come as part of the overall piece in a sale. Overall I am happy that all of the problems seem to have been created although I am not sure whether the look of the piece strikes straight away as a pencil and may have to be modified if I was intent on making the piece.

lamp 19th august

This is the finalised model of the lamp with the additions of the pencils to either side of the front of the piece. I  am much more happy with the look and the quality of the piece and as far as things have gone there seems to be no underlying problems with the piece.

Subject Retrieval Work Delight In Light Context

The revamped Lamp for the Delight In Light project is a light designed for young children that gives an artistic feel intention with the pencil shape of the lamp and the colours connected on the side with the title Bright spark linked to the idea of a child or artist finding an idea and the cartoon symbolism of a light bulb appearing over the top of the character. The original concept for the piece was mistaken for being drawn on which wasnt an intention on my idea or to be suited for this possibility. The intention of the lamp was for the piece to be connected to the top surface of a table or flat surface that will be weighted by a heavy magnet and weight component, And the young child would then draw or sketch using the light as an obvious light source. Due to this being a resubmission I cannot really value how much this would cost to make as problems with the original raising the price would devalue the price of this one making it inaccurate. But to create the piece I would use the original idea of Acrylic to create the major parts from the tip to the base of the model and in order to appeal as a neutral gender lamp the option will be available to the buyer of the selection of colours, the lamp material will be available in which will make the piece more preferable to the individual’s likes rather than the same thing across everyone who would be interested in buying it. To create this piece I would  print the piece that I created on Rhino and test certain processes to see whether with the example of the hollow starting frame as to whether a cnc machine would be better or a laser cutter which I would ask Maff and Joe the technicians of soft modelling before proceeding to get an accurate cost margin.

My intentions due to the age range of the market and the suitability of the product would be to reach to companies such as (TOYS R US, Smyths toy superstore and Argos) due to all three having a reasonable range of prices and variety of lamps within their stores across the uk and hopefully should I approach each company or one company and have a child interact with the lamp as a trial run much like my nephew did with the original incomplete model and produce these finding correcting anything that went wrong prior to this hopefully this would then be up to the decision of the marketing company with the presentation of the accurate costs which I would need the facilities of Uni to achieve this would be how I would professionally present this product on the market outside of the competition of Delight In Light and the University surroundings.


Subject Retrieval Delight In Light Design Level 5

design sheets part 1design sheets part 2

design sheets part 3design sheets part 4

These are my design sheets for the resubmission of the design sheet aspect of my retrieval breach. I haven’t been able to cover everything I wanted to due to this being a resubmission so costing is something I have left blank until I have the necessary data to fill it in accurately like my fellow makers did for exhibition. One key thing I needed to include was the look of the professional piece as well as the individual aspects of it such as the means of removing the LED if it needs to be replaced and how the panels connect to the chassis of the lamp and why it is a professional level product until assessment deems otherwise. I hope this is enough to be able to pass as im not sure what will happen in the event of it not but ive tried my best with what resources I have available and will improve on the areas that need to be when I can and whether I am allowed to progress on the course.

Subject Retrieval Level Five Make Your Mark

For the past few weeks prior to receiving the brief and afterwards i’ve been visiting and speaking to local and not so local artists in England and hopefully if all goes well get responses from some in America regarding their practice and seeing what they think of the ideas and the work. Also being able to see a setup glass artist and the various different methods of creating these pieces was really interesting and inspiring to see. Also I gained insight into the quality and the competition each artist has with one another and the sort of content local galleries collect and display from the local artists of the area.

Many of the artists stated that glass isn’t a cheap material and the outcomes wont be because of the cost of machinery and the material itself and making a living whilst paying bills wont slow down the cost rise at all. But you shouldn’t not do something if you see a passion growing for it as long as you have sense with your goals and limitations why would there be a problem. Plus finding a buyer or market that is interested in your work is difficult for every artist and some will take longer than others to find it or but having a online and physical travelling collection of work helps draw appeal from further afield than the locals of the area.

Subject Retrieval Level five Delight In Light (Part 1)

For the retrieval aspect of Delight In Light I focused on the original concept of the piece based on the feedback of my tutors and the opinions of my fellow makers on the course. For the original model of the lamp there was originally five parts to both the top and bottom part that would be connected together, Due to finding an idea later than intended and needed and the timescale of waiting for materials things just went on a landslide trajectory since then. But looking forward ive managed to find solutions to the problems and will explain the problems as they came up and how I have resolved these for resubmission

  1. When the original concept of the five sides of the lamp was introduced I considered this an easier option than six sides although afterwards a friend stated that six sides would have been better for the following reason :-
  • For the five sides in order to come together as a shaped object the inner angles would have to be divided by the number of panels by the overall angle bearing which is 360 and divided by 5 would equal 72 degrees. This was a challenge as there were two ways of getting the shape but neither was 100% accurate to the best result :-

The first method involved laser cutting the five parts out separately sanding on a sander saw both edges at a 72 degree angle and smoothing the edges with wet and dry sheets before gluing together. This was a problem as the sandbed doesn’t have a 72 degree point so I cant know for definate the angle and that will affect the quality of the shape and stability of putting the pieces together at the next stage. When this didn’t work I  resorted to laser cutting the size of the piece as one sheet and heat bending the piece were marked to show  where one piece ends and another begins.Unfortunately even with practice this caused problems with some parts being longer than others leaving irregularity on the shape of the piece and damage to the quality of the surface leading to snapping and burn marks. At this stage it proved that the concept and idea was doable but wasnt working this way so for resubmission it would be better possibly to have a six sided pencil shape that is more accurate to the shape of an actual pencil and would make the angles 60 degrees a more rounded number and hopefully more achievable number to get.

Resources Subject Retrieval Make Your Mark Level 5

Outside of university making art isn’t impossible to do providing you got at things with strategy. Working in Glass obviously has its ups and downs not just in the material but also the processes. A good example being I am able to make moulds, cut glass and glue all the pieces together but due to costs and health and safety requirements having a kiln is impossible at the moment. However a local store in Penarth not far from the local train station as pictured Glass By Design to be precise has workshops across June and July which opened in early June this year have kilns on site at the time I didn’t enquire about costs but when I visit next I will enquire and look around for any other kiln facilities to get the best price and travel costs combined which a professional artists reflect on before deciding and in the costs of the pieces they make.