Marks Algorithm

In previous conversations on Maker, the algorithm that calculates our degree mark has been highlighted. Our degree classification comes from all three marks across Subject, Field, and Constellation which all represent 40 credits. However, two keep their full value and one is cut in half as only the top 100 are needed. So mathematically it is possible to work out the grade you could get but there is no guarantee as any mark can be altered before being given. I decided to test out how from friends with math qualifications how this could work.

For definite I know that my dissertation gave me a 50 mark so the formula to work out this value is

0.40 x 50 = 20

Looking online I found a rough estimate of my other two marks and the overall average of the year together. These were the subject to approval marks

Subject = 53 (2.2 classification)

Field = 46 (3rd classification)

So the field mark would have half the value being the lowest grade awarded so the two algorithm formulas should be

0.40 x 53 = 21.2

0.20 x 46 = 9.2

21.2 + 9.2 + 20 = 50.4

Summative Feedback Grade Criteria

So if these marks are correct I fall just on the tip of the marks awarding a 2.2 which to be perfectly honest I would be happy to receive as I’ve always been told and made to believe a degree classification is worthless if you do nothing with it so what you do with it is more valuable than what you got you could say unless you need a certain grade.




Week to go

With just over a week to go despite the problems along the way, things are looking to be coming together nicely. There are a few outstanding objectives to get done by next Friday but these are easily fixable at this moment in time. These are the outstanding commitments

  • Exhibition – Wall-mounted pieces need extra material and then remounted on the wall.
  • All pieces need lighting or arranged in a way to get the best result.
  • Book needs to be delivered.
  • Business card images and postcards are to be reprinted.
  • Contact businesses for outstanding responses
  • Check that everything else including the above is complete and to standard.

New Designers group meeting

At the end of every academic year, there is an exhibition within the Maker studio much like every other degree and masters course within Cardiff School of Art and Design. However, in the third year Makers have the opportunity to go to New Designers.  New Designers is a massive Craft, Design and Maker event held in London, split between two sections of work from furniture to installation pieces and jewellery. Looking and selecting a few examples of what little is surprisingly available the level of skill is immense and I can’t imagine how in a sense out of your depth it may feel to be a graduate exhibiting.

Despite this, I have the opinion of why not life presents opportunities so grab them while you can. At this moment in time unless there is a massive change in direction the biggest problem is maintaining and achieving a standard of work to the level that not just Maker expects but also that of the likes of London. Hopefully, after everything that has happened so far, this is the moment that will make it all worthwhile.

Realistically at the meeting nothing is indefinitely set in stone as the maker degree show could change the direction of everything.

Collect Saatchi Gallery

Next Month myself and the rest of Maker Level 6 are visiting the collect Saatchi exhibit in London. This event to my understanding Is a great platform for newly established Makers, Designers and Artists alike which are selected by a judging panel. This trip is also to ensure that if there are any galleries in which individually you would like to attend then now is the best time. With New Designers as a possible opportunity before finishing my degree but not technically a registered graduate it will be great to see the standard and type of work that is selected for these types of events and high reputation.

Monthly Breakdown

Not literally a breakdown although thinking about it…….anyway, so far things have been reasonably okay there are a few problems that need sorting but nothing out of the usual there. I have had my formative assessment which seemed really positive but feedback hasn’t come back yet. My artefact has been a reasonable success and the process in which I made the piece is something I will do again on Maker. With just under 11 weeks not including holidays I’m feeing the nerves getting more controlling but I’m happy were I am at and looking forward to what I can achieve within the time left and the possibilities I could have after graduation.

Lights (Subject Level 6)



Through my tutorials since the beginning of third year there has been not just in my fellow makers but also tutors eyes of a broad range of outcome potentials, most noticeably in Lights.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Through companies like Craft in the Bay I believe this influence has become more realised. Honestly having had a rough time with the Delight In Light project last year the idea of making lights was off putting. However the potential scope and uniqueness of the pieces I’ve made so far that could change my mind on that way of thinking. Also with my overall focus being on objects that are decorative and functional or a mixture of the two this is a perfect opportunity to show what I can do.

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These were a few early experiments playing with the ideas of shape and also light and the way material works with light. Having completed a few good quality test pieces before Christmas I’m now looking to book the university’s photography space to test out light and the pieces reaction to it. Also to link in my artists research ill be attempting to create forms out of actual leaves if this is possible much like Kay Sekimachi work below


I’m looking forward to this way of working and hope to be able to draw together new ways of making and techniques on top of the knowledge I already have at this point in time.




Field level 6 (New Brief)

Having completed the first term of Level 6, the second term now leads to the field module. Unlike previous modules their Is more a series of goals to achieve than a list of objectives to my understanding. With this being my final year and essentially brief for Artist Designer Maker the focus is more on what it is I want to make and specialise in now and after graduation.

Having had to postpone my Formative assessment for Subject (Level 6) for personal reasons much like dissertation the ideas of what I want to do have been in my mind a lot more than usual but at this point I am focusing on completing any outstanding work in sketchbooks and my blog as well as extra criteria to bring into both my subject mark and Field mark to help me push more into a higher grade of work as since starting Maker I’ve been sitting on the fence of both a 2.2 and 2.1 benchmark with not much of a difference in marks although at this point I don’t actually know yet what my feedback will say but can roughly guess.