Marks Algorithm

In previous conversations on Maker, the algorithm that calculates our degree mark has been highlighted. Our degree classification comes from all three marks across Subject, Field, and Constellation which all represent 40 credits. However, two keep their full value and one is cut in half as only the top 100 are needed. So mathematically it is possible to work out the grade you could get but there is no guarantee as any mark can be altered before being given. I decided to test out how from friends with math qualifications how this could work.

For definite I know that my dissertation gave me a 50 mark so the formula to work out this value is

0.40 x 50 = 20

Looking online I found a rough estimate of my other two marks and the overall average of the year together. These were the subject to approval marks

Subject = 53 (2.2 classification)

Field = 46 (3rd classification)

So the field mark would have half the value being the lowest grade awarded so the two algorithm formulas should be

0.40 x 53 = 21.2

0.20 x 46 = 9.2

21.2 + 9.2 + 20 = 50.4

Summative Feedback Grade Criteria

So if these marks are correct I fall just on the tip of the marks awarding a 2.2 which to be perfectly honest I would be happy to receive as I’ve always been told and made to believe a degree classification is worthless if you do nothing with it so what you do with it is more valuable than what you got you could say unless you need a certain grade.




Craft in the bay

Last Friday I received a response from Craft in the Bay regarding the student association scheme that I am interested in applying for after Graduation. After next week I have arranged to meet a few members of the Maker guild that run Craft in the Bay to discuss this opportunity but that is all I know at this moment in time.

Resin problem

While discussing my work yesterday during the degree show opening to the public a problem occurred. The LEDs within the resin were getting so hot that the glue is literally melting onto the plinth. Given that the pieces have been on and off for the two days the exhibition has been on this is a concern. After the exhibition closes on Friday I will alter this problem and see Jon about the best way to resolve this problem without a repeat at New Designers.

Degree Show (First Two Days)

So far the degree show has run smoothly with plenty of interest all around. So far there has been plenty of praise for my work and the effect that the pieces have on the surface of the plinth and as a collective overall. From the 100 business cards printed 56 remain and I am concerned I will run out by Friday when the degree show comes down. Speaking to a large amount of the guests visiting the exhibition has been an exciting opportunity to see a fresh perspective based on an initial first impression.

One aspect that has been picked up is the fragility of the bowl pieces and a desire but no idea of how the pieces can be used which being sculptural and working well with light gives two values to use. At this moment in time, I am hesitant if the work is ready to sell or commission so I have decided to see how the degree show viewings go and any external events afterward.

Next week I am hoping to be in the uni making more pieces and trying processes that were not achievable by the time the degree show started whilst I still have access to the facilities for New Designers in June and Caerleon in July and any other events that may come along as time progresses.



What makes a Maker

Looking back on the past three years there has been quite a lot to think about. It hasn’t been the easiest process but what is let’s be honest. This year has proven to be challenging personally and physically as there has been a lot of hurdles to jump over and now the rest of the journey awaits. I’ve received a lot of setbacks on my work but a lot of praise and positivity towards my work this year which has definitely helped me get the work to the exhibition. Bizarrely as stated in my presentation to my tutors all of the work I’ve displayed this year is nothing like I wanted it to be which has made it better but also make me wonder how this is going to affect any future plans and project ideas but that’s the future. After the degree, I’m not sure what will happen but I’m happy that the adventure to get there will certainly be interesting.

The book

On Monday due to glitches, I am getting my book printed in the print studio at Cardiff Met. My book is a combination of sketch and artist book combined in the sense of sketches like you would a sketchbook but laid out like a book you’d expect to find in a library artistic wise. As of yet there are a few alterations to make for the degree show but after the degree, I will be revising the book after the degree but I will see what can be done with what I have come Monday.

Week to go

With just over a week to go despite the problems along the way, things are looking to be coming together nicely. There are a few outstanding objectives to get done by next Friday but these are easily fixable at this moment in time. These are the outstanding commitments

  • Exhibition – Wall-mounted pieces need extra material and then remounted on the wall.
  • All pieces need lighting or arranged in a way to get the best result.
  • Book needs to be delivered.
  • Business card images and postcards are to be reprinted.
  • Contact businesses for outstanding responses
  • Check that everything else including the above is complete and to standard.