Marks Algorithm

In previous conversations on Maker, the algorithm that calculates our degree mark has been highlighted. Our degree classification comes from all three marks across Subject, Field, and Constellation which all represent 40 credits. However, two keep their full value and one is cut in half as only the top 100 are needed. So mathematically it is possible to work out the grade you could get but there is no guarantee as any mark can be altered before being given. I decided to test out how from friends with math qualifications how this could work.

For definite I know that my dissertation gave me a 50 mark so the formula to work out this value is

0.40 x 50 = 20

Looking online I found a rough estimate of my other two marks and the overall average of the year together. These were the subject to approval marks

Subject = 53 (2.2 classification)

Field = 46 (3rd classification)

So the field mark would have half the value being the lowest grade awarded so the two algorithm formulas should be

0.40 x 53 = 21.2

0.20 x 46 = 9.2

21.2 + 9.2 + 20 = 50.4

Summative Feedback Grade Criteria

So if these marks are correct I fall just on the tip of the marks awarding a 2.2 which to be perfectly honest I would be happy to receive as I’ve always been told and made to believe a degree classification is worthless if you do nothing with it so what you do with it is more valuable than what you got you could say unless you need a certain grade.




The Catalogue

With the catalog now in the exhibition last Friday it is exciting to see the maker collective altogether despite everything that has happened through the year. I really like the layout of the catalog and the imagery highlighting the important aspects of the exhibition work. I have noticed and I am not sure why that two of my social media contacts are missing a letter although if someone is interested in finding me or my work it shouldn’t be too hard to see the error. At this moment in time, I am creating more pages and content for my website as well as trying to create an online selling platform and maker hub that can link together all of my social media and details together so anyone can easily visit one link and have access to the rest.

Craft in the Bay (Student Association Scheme)

To cover myself and have a body of opportunities lined up for the assessment professional practice module I applied for INC space but also a program running with Craft in the Bay known as the student association scheme. I responded to the email given but have yet to have a reply so I have messaged again. Due to the failure, this academic year for INC space I’ve decided that if it’s possible what have I got to lose.

Caerleon Arts Festival

As stated in my presentation yesterday I have applied to exhibit work at the Caerleon Art Festival on the 15th-16th of July pending confirmation from the events management team and committee. In order to be put forward, I need to fill out the form below as would my friend who is also exhibiting at the event.

If successful I will have already achieved my first event of selling work before officially graduating. All I need is to find suitable insurance due to the legal requirements of selling work which also will help me with the university degree show if any interest occurs. Of course this is something that will happen and learn about as it happens.

Wall mounted pieces

wall mounted pieces

The wall mounted pieces are the most recent addition to the work that will feature in the exhibition and the opening night and so on. This piece in a sense has taken the place of the resin and glass cased pieces that at this time last week were cured but the quality it needed to be and the quality it was at is to little time to get to standard, but will feature after assessment. These pieces were created as a result of collecting all of the broken and shattered pieces from previous 704 but mainly 806 firings which is the reason why the pieces break in the first place.

Due to struggles  with resin the mounted material was altered to  acrylic with the glass pieces glued with clear silicone putty. Due to the shape and unevenness of every piece some pieces like the flatter are easy to stick than fatter pieces that have moulded to the form of the roots and stems of the leaf. The only way to be able to get the pieces together is to use smaller parts and silicone them to bigger to give a more ranged space to apply silicone this means that the first and third image as shown are more concentrated than the second but it means that in the future using the same process this issue can be resolved.

Then there was another problem that as it is currently presented isn’t noticeable but if moved later will. Due to using more silicone due to the uneven glass surface the glue is in large blobs that once the protective coverings are removed and displayed to pure light every stain, scratch and blob of glue is exposed so if lit up the same problem will occur. So to solve this a lot more glass offcuts are needed and the side that is glued will need to be much darker than the material cover upfront to hide the silicone and add intrigue as to how the pieces are attached to the sheet.

Looking at the white piece in the middle the problem of clear silicone and clear glass material are not a good match for the reasons that problems have occurred in the other two pieces. Also the pieces due to being on a material of to similar a shade the material doesn’t stand out as much so a different colour will be used for the private view and beyond when using this process.


Plan for book

For my book that will accompany my degree show work as well as professional practice I have come up with a few ideas of how I could make this book come together to start the best way to come up with ideas is to look at what is already out there in books. This helps with

  • Content
  • What to and not to use
  • Quality
  • Layout

and so much more. Due to the way my work is produced I think the book will be a mix of how the project developed over the year and a guided with text and imagery overview of the making process that created the pieces.

Given the nature of the work that I make at this moment in time I believe this is the best route to move forward, however due to the timescale left I will be focusing on completing the book as a pdf and if I manage to get the book done and printed before the deadline that would be an added bonus however as long as evidence is shown of the book done this will be sufficient.

The maker Guild (Craft in the Bay)

As well as Glass By Design there is a Student Association Scheme with Craft in the Bay that is looking to build closer relations to Artist Designer Maker and Cardiff School of Art and Design. Craft in the Bay to my understanding introduces two new members yearly and has built quite a variety in the displayed works.

The scheme allows those who apply and are selected to build relationships with the Maker Guild of Wales  and Craft in the Bay and helps with professional support, training and opportunities to build networks through maker guild membership.

Due to the fluidity of Craft in the Bay there are several glass artists already within which has helped me value how much artists working with the material charge and the size of the objects and look among other things are although I am aware that tax and gallery commission price adds to the cost seen on the ticket. I have spoken to two of the ladies that run the maker guild and surprisingly they recognise my name from the medal from second year which also went on their online webpage, I intend to message in the new year the gallery and see if I can arrange a placement as in the future I would like to see my business expand and maybe even employ staff of course this comes down to meeting the right people and being pushed in the right direction. This is a long term scenario so I am hopeful that this is a step in the right direction to make this idea more of a reality.