Bams Re pour

Given the bronze process didn’t entirely go to plan first time ive reproduced the medal and modified the pieces for exhibit. this has proved challenging as I don’t want the liquid and the malachite to get caught in any gaps this time im hoping to get the two moulds finished tomorrow and on a tree and BAMSĀ is done apart from updating the book of the new images and possibly pettina on the details of the tree and other areas on the medal. I’m hoping everyday at this stage to get something done and meet goals as this is the only way ill be able to complete the workload for the end of year.


Medal work so far

The medal is nearly done in most respects and requires a few hours tlc for the deadline. I’m debating putting it in for the exhibition in Craft in the Bay without any colour in the knowledge that I will most likely melt it down if possible to redo and based on recent events the bronze supply is running quite low in fact it’s run out at least twice this academic year. I realise I’ll come into big trouble in regards to other projects but it’s getting tougher so if I can pull this off why not go for it while I have the largest amount of time to do it. Whether this is possible depends on what happens tomorrow but fingers crossed I can get this done before the end of this term which is this week coming.

A bit of welding has been done on the medal but the welding machine broke before the rest could be done so im buggered in that respect but only one area that can be mostly hidden is affected by this. Based on this im pleased that the detail mostly came out but id strongly recommend and will push to get it redone in the bronze process.

Medal BAMS update

As of next week I may only need to do another layer of molochite and by Tuesday I should have two bronzed trees done for a pour on Friday which will give me three choices of medal one of which will hopefully feature in Craft in the Bay in March. My only concern is whether there is enough layers on the mould as if I remember rightly including a pour monday there will be seven.

Four of which are single and three of which are double consistency liquid wise. I’m excited that im finally at this stage but being later to the game has helped me see some of the potential problems that can come with working in the media of Bronze. Such as

  • When wax cools it shrinks to extent so the lettering may be inconsistent but at mould stage this happened anyone it shouldn’t be a bother to me at all.
  • The weight of the wax on tree can make the medal snap it and is a pain to get back together which has happened on a few friends trees
  • And there is no guarantee of the quality of the outcome so regardless whichever of the three comes out best will be the one that moves forward to Craft in the Bay

I’m not really sure what happens after this point but from what I can gather its mainly sanding,grinding and touching up the qualities of the piece. I’m looking forward to seeing the bronze Medal but sad to see the wax casts go.