Work Experience 500 words rewrite

Initially I was hesitant about picking the work experience option for field due to difficulties reaching companies to take me on and im glad I did as I was able to take my placement at Wild Creations a prop making and set company on the outskirts of Cardiff who made the Rugby ball  as an example outcome for the 2015 World Cup. Despite sustaining an injury to my hand and the placement ending sooner than expected it was still an enjoyable and beneficial experience. It was great to actually be inside a company as a student seeing what those who work there get up to on a daily basis and the scale of which the pieces they make come in and the levels of detail achieved. I enjoyed getting stuck into whatever I was able to get involved in to get the most out of the experience, plus I was able to find out so many inside techniques to get work in the industry such as refining your practice gaining experience in a range of materials, finding your unique selling point and how to build a career in this area of work and expertise. Like most companies in the Arts business freelancing is your best way forward as very few full time positions are available, however being freelance means you can travel around more and meet more fellow props makers and become more noticed as an individual by a multitude of companies some of which you may not of heard of so networking does occur. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how the pieces were made and the processes that go through making the finished object that you see before you much like the behind the scenes aspect of being a Maker when displaying my pieces in exhibition.  The similarities between the two was massively interwoven and made me feel more confident I could build a career as a freelance propmaker and a artist in my own right.  Being able to speak and socialise with individual in that working market was scary coming from a person that has anxiety and a nervous disposition on a regular basis but was something i will never forget and the broad backgrounds of the individuals working at Wild Creations made me more confident that the skills and determination to work and learn was looked upon more than the qualification you have although can help. Despite not being able to complete the placement I will be going back in the near future and I have begun contacting other companies locally to get experience and build up a portfolio started before graduating, I feel that the circumstances of the placement falling through were just as important as the placement as it showed me the realities of the industry and what you need to do to keep doing what you love to do which is the best kind of job to have really. I feel ive learnt so many skills that I can develop to begin working in this sector and apply to my practice on Maker as well.


End of week breakdown

This week has seen quite a few things going on through practically all the projects in consideration to outcomes and the exhibit as follows

  • For Bams I need to do two more coats of molochite before burning out, bronze pouring and pettining the surface so far everything has gone to plan and I hope it will remain that way.
  • Make your mark may have a slight alteration in what will be presented in the exhibition at the moment only one of my moulds is done and will be ready to use early next week and the leaves are being bisque fired next week.
  • Faking it I am intending to collect the images I have of the set and professionally document them for the exhibit with a smaller model of the set on display with the other existing work
  • Work experience I will be doing the same, updating the PowerPoint I made for presenting in first time and contacts of potential future placement providers and how the processes of Maker will help me gain the skills in career possibilities such as Prop Making.
  • Delight in Light is waiting for materials to be delivered and in this time im experimenting with the materials available to show why the methods of making the piece have changed and evolved to meet the needs of the brief and safety requirements of a small child audience.

despite things taking turns every so often im confident i’ll have a large body of work in my books, blog and website by the deadline in the exhibit hopefully a few days before if im lucky.

Change of Plans

Given the shortening deadline and the problems that have been cropping up as they do with the projects and has made me rethink what I want to put in the exhibition for the end of second year Maker.

  • Faking It – For Faking it due to the size of the overall piece Pip has stated that a smaller scale copy of the piece would be more beneficial and along with these im redoing the characters and giving them their own individual stands in the exhibit which will help towards my modeling skills with Maker and Prop making for potential employment. after graduation.
  • Work Experience – For Work experience ive created a book that covers everything I did, saw and helped with whilst on placement as well as how I can while on Maker and with access to specialist equipment I can recreate these processes like a professional would  as well as evidence of contacting existing artists and prop related companies to help with my skills in props and quality control as well as the materials I use on Maker.

Delight in light and BAMS at this moment in time I am confident I can complete all of the goals I have set out to achieve and that were covered in the feedback sheets as areas of improvement.

Make Your Mark Tutorial rundown

Yesterday I had a talk with pip regarding the progress made with Make Your Mark ideas and outcomes. I briefly showed some of the ideas I had in rough form and the artists these ideas are influenced on and how these when coming to critique can link to one and other and why this relates to my individual practice and ideas for future outcomes.

Pip believed that I needed to be more complex with my ideas as the early studies that I had shown on the day showed detail and my ideas and means of ways to put these pieces together but there wasn’t enough on them and from a professional perspective you would look at the design now and in an exhibition it would practically look out-of-place. Pip stated that i needed to be more confident and really go for the ideas if I want to prove ive come back stronger than the events of first year.

Taking this into account I went over in my head the ideas and what I would potentially want to make and refined the ideas to make them look more professional. Hopefully along with the rest of the portfolio work for this project and the rest of the other projects there will be a large body of work that shows my skills as a maker but also as a props maker as im torn between two paths a material one and a more practical job related path, however I think that may be beneficial for the market that as a Maker I will be graduating into.

Planning Ahead

With a short amount of time to go I have decided to regularly at least three times a week to blog about each project from field projects to the projects in relation to maker which to put into context includes :-

  • Delight in Light lamp Project – Maker
  • BAMS medal project – Maker
  • Make your Mark – Maker
  • Work Experience – Field
  • Faking It – Field

As well as this I’ll be blogging regularly using my sketchbooks as the visual evidence scanned in the progress made and all the criteria covered in the brief ready for assessment.  I hope this year as a target to get the equivalent of a 2:1 or higher if possible but will be more than happy with a 2:1 and work to get a first next year which isn’t out of my reach just yet but only time will tell if I can make it that far

Making Progress

Like last year we have reached the point where 3rd year makers and students across the courses and disciplines are putting up there end of year exhibitions. This means that there is a lot of stressing and difficulty getting into workshops due to technicians helping with setup, which is a blessing to catch up on other things in books and blog. I feel more confident and despite a few hiccups things will go better this year. For the exhibition I wanted to include as much as I can professionally showing the processes of making the outcomes while following the approach less is more. Also ive been setting up accounts on several social media outlets and following some of my fellow maker friends in preparation for third year and the possibilities that will come.

So far there have been a few problems that have required a bit of thinking he says sarcastically, mainly due to processes that should work not so much playing ball but never the less are actually producing functional outcomes so well worth the worry im currently going through.

So far with just under 5 weeks to go till setup this is my current situation

  • My BAMS medal recast is 50 percent done and will be on a tree and halfway through the layering ceramic shell process by the end of next week and hopefully burnt out and bronzed the following week and that’s all I need to add to the book to complete the project as well as photos of the piece in exhibition.Im also debating doing a new medal next year to enter BAMS that will be as detailed but simpler than this year


  • Faking It is in need of a few modifications and im not sure whether the full set can be featured in the exhibition due to its overpowering size and pain in the backside to move. I am also redoing the characters to put forward for the start of a prop making sculpt portfolio if all goes well. Although I have the suspicion that a mini version will be created for the exhibition which will be an interesting addition to add.


  • Delight in light has been a problem for a while but is getting to a finished idea rather faster than expected, I am having trouble getting the pieces to stick together for the prototype functional model and the design sheets are outstanding but all the work for them has been done and is all that remains to do for the book. Plus im debating altering the outcome and entering the competition for delight in light next year.


  • Make your Mark I am planning to have two sets of outcomes with a connection to nature and objects that will have functional purpose to them and show a potential are I am thinking of going into in third year for graduation. As well as the book ive been looking into website layouts and business cards to put forward this year and retweak ready for next year. And along with this will be evidence of my work displaying over social media to see what the general view and opinion is.


  • Work Experience was an experience I wish I could redo but at the same time I wouldn’t. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Wild Creations getting up close to a velociraptor and helping making props and sets for tight deadlines ready to be shipped to their final destinations. I will be going back to Wild Creations at some point in the future and will try to reach out and contact other companies not just in relation to props but other areas of interest to give me a good variety of options to go for after graduating. As well as my book from work experience im hoping to produce an outcome and create this outcome using the process that a professional propmaker would do in the workplace. Whether this is doable i dont really know but time will tell.

Finally im looking into applying for Pewter Live next year and any other competitions that come about and pretty much enjoying the time I have left in Cardiff and my fellow Maker friends, I should be getting the feedback from constellation soon as well, im pretty sure it will be good and bad but providing it doesn’t fail I should be in a good place for writing the dissertation over june to september ready for third year again time will tell and I hope that constellation wont be my downfall this year when it was my crowning achievement last year.

Work Experience Project Review

Despite not having the best of luck I really enjoyed my placement at Wild Creations and will hopefully be able to go back in the foreseeable future. I learnt many things while on placement such as when a heat gun drops dont try to grab it or you’ll regret it and you’re buggered due to the damage that can do to you. How you can make something cheaply but to a high quality look standard and how a team produces an outcome together using their individual skills.

For my exhibition like every project im including a book of ideas and sketches and such for objects id like to create through the maer processes for after graduation and would like to possibly make a model of one of the props from Jurassic world on a smaller scale to show the process of making these items. These are some of the outcomes on my visit that Wild Creations has made and has made plenty more since.

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