Week to go

With just over a week to go despite the problems along the way, things are looking to be coming together nicely. There are a few outstanding objectives to get done by next Friday but these are easily fixable at this moment in time. These are the outstanding commitments

  • Exhibition – Wall-mounted pieces need extra material and then remounted on the wall.
  • All pieces need lighting or arranged in a way to get the best result.
  • Book needs to be delivered.
  • Business card images and postcards are to be reprinted.
  • Contact businesses for outstanding responses
  • Check that everything else including the above is complete and to standard.

Craft in the Bay (Student Association Scheme)

To cover myself and have a body of opportunities lined up for the assessment professional practice module I applied for INC space but also a program running with Craft in the Bay known as the student association scheme. I responded to the email given but have yet to have a reply so I have messaged again. Due to the failure, this academic year for INC space I’ve decided that if it’s possible what have I got to lose.

Changes to make

Prior to my assessment with Ingrid, Jon, and Pip, there were a few things discussed. Discussing with Ingrid the work there was leniency towards aspects such as the wall mounted pieces and the resins which would hopefully if I’m correct not affect my marking at all or harshly. By next Friday this is what I need to do and how the exhibition display will alter.

  • Wall-mounted pieces will be trapped between two sheets of acrylic and lit up
  • Turntable will be covered possibly in an acrylic shell
  • Lighting up the pieces and suspending the bowls
  • Putting the resins in the exhibition


Inc Space Application Results

On April 28th as part of my professional practice, I applied as part of the open application process for a place on the inc space program. This time round my application was unsuccessful as it was valued that I would need extra time in order to assess the idea for my business which in respect I had already mentioned to the academic team. Upon graduation, I will be looking to bolster up my cv with paid experience in the form of jobs and such and getting in contact with galleries.

Caerleon Arts Festival

As stated in my presentation yesterday I have applied to exhibit work at the Caerleon Art Festival on the 15th-16th of July pending confirmation from the events management team and committee. In order to be put forward, I need to fill out the form below as would my friend who is also exhibiting at the event.

If successful I will have already achieved my first event of selling work before officially graduating. All I need is to find suitable insurance due to the legal requirements of selling work which also will help me with the university degree show if any interest occurs. Of course this is something that will happen and learn about as it happens.

Future Ideas

At this moment in time, I know that 1/3 of my marks are a 2.2 the maker aspects of my degree are currently unknown. At the time of formative under circumstances known beforehand, the marks I received were a 3rd and a 2.2 if these were the grades I collectively got at the end I would most likely be able to finish with a 2.2 as the three areas of marking use the marks of the two best more than the weakest mark. Based on what I have been told I am able to get a 2.2 and due to work being in the exhibition complete there is a small possibility of failure. After the results and prior to the opening of the exhibition to the public there are a few adjustments I need to make to the pieces and also order some more lights to get the best effect on my work as the area I am situated in is darkened and some of the work doesn’t stand out as much as I would hope.




Press Pack Evidence (Postcard and Business Card)

Here is the documentary evidence of the business cards and postcards that will be assessed by my tutors on Monday. Prior to assessment I have spoken to my tutors and stated that the business cards and postcards seen are not the finished results but rather an example of the finished result that will be professionally done by the time of the degree show private view on the 26th May and following days when open to the public.


My business Logo Template

Images used for the business cards and postcards

Due to not being the finished article the look in regards to the layout of the contact details will alter but this will be the only really noticeable change.